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Ramadan 2024: The Longest and Shortest Fasting Hours Worldwide

The Longest and Shortest Fasting Hours Worldwide. During Ramadan, the length of fasting can change. It depends on where you are and what time of year it is. This means iftar times are different all over the world.

In places near the equator, fasting is shorter. That’s because the amount of daylight stays pretty much the same all year.

For example, in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, fasting lasts about 13 to 14 hours.

But in countries farther from the equator, fasting is longer. This is because the amount of daylight changes with the seasons. Take Norway, for instance. During summer, when the sun is up almost all day, fasting can last more than 20 hours.

In some of the world’s northernmost cities, the sun doesn’t set for parts of the year. People living there follow the fasting schedule of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, or the nearest Muslim country.

Even with these different iftar times around the world, Ramadan still brings Muslims together. It’s a shared experience for Muslims everywhere

When is Ramadan in 2024?

Ramadan in 2024 is expected to begin on the 11th of March, according to predictions. However, the exact start date can vary slightly depending on the sighting of the moon, which is determined by religious scholars or authorities.

It’s important to understand that Ramadan dates may differ by a day in various countries due to the lunar cycle. Therefore, the start of Ramadan 2024 could be on the 12th of March in many countries as well.

Longest and shortest fasting Hours worldwide of Ramadan 2024

This year, Muslims living in the world’s southernmost countries such as Chile or New Zealand will fast for approximately 12 hours. On the other hand, those residing in the northernmost countries like Iceland or Greenland will observe fasts lasting 17 hours or more.

Muslims in the northern hemisphere will experience a slightly shorter fast this year. The duration of fasting will gradually decrease until 2031, coinciding with Ramadan falling on the winter solstice, which marks the day with the shortest daylight of the year.

Afterward, fasting hours will increase until the summer solstice, the day with the longest daylight hours. However, the opposite trend will occur for Muslims residing south of the equator.

Below are the average fasting durations in various cities worldwide during Ramadan 2023.

Here are the top ten cities with the longest fasting hours during Ramadan 2024:

1. Nuuk, Greenland: 17 hours

2. Reykjavik, Iceland: 17 hours

3. Helsinki, Finland: 17 hours

4. Stockholm, Sweden: 17 hours

5. Glasgow, Scotland: 17 hours

6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: 16 hours

7. Warsaw, Poland: 16 hours

8. London, UK: 16 hours

9. Astana, Kazakhstan: 16 hours

10. Brussels, Belgium: 16 hours

Here are the top ten cities with the shortest fasting hours during Ramadan 2024:

1. Christchurch, New Zealand: 12 hours

2. Puerto Montt, Chile: 12 hours

3. Canberra, Australia: 12 hours

4. Montevideo, Uruguay: 12 hours

5. Cape Town, South Africa: 12 hours

6. Ciudad del Este, Paraguay: 12 hours

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina: 12 hours

8. Johannesburg, South Africa: 13 hours

9. Harare, Zimbabwe: 13 hours

10. Brasilia, Brazil: 13 hours

The average fasting hours during Ramadan vary across different regions of the world. Here’s a breakdown:

Middle East:

In countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, fasting typically lasts for 14 to 15 hours. The heat in these regions can make fasting even more challenging.

Southeast Asia:

Muslims in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nepal and Malaysia usually fast for 12 to 14 hours per day, which is relatively shorter compared to other parts of the Northern Hemisphere.


Except for South Africa, Muslims in African countries like Ethiopia, Senegal, and Nigeria fast for approximately 13 to 14 hours on average.

North and South America:

In South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, fasting lasts for 11 to 13 hours, depending on the location. Conversely, Muslims in North America, particularly in Canada and the US, endure longer fasting hours ranging from 15 to 16 hours.


In countries like France and Switzerland, fasting hours extend to about 16 to 17 hours. Meanwhile, in Greece, Italy, and Spain, Muslims fast for 15 to 16 hours each day.

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